"Love is in the Air"

at Eagles Nest Retreat

Our wedding at Eagles Nest was truly perfect.

Line Marie and Bernard welcomed us warmly and helped us find a great photographer,  officient, etc.
Line`s bouquet was simply stunning and everything went  without a hitch.
Our guests thoroughly enjoyed all that Eagles Nest has to offer, especially the breathtaking views and many artistic touches.
                                                                          Stacey and Sasha

Everyone was blown away by the

                                          perfect setting.

My wedding was like a fairy tale...

Thank you so much...


​                                  Genevieve and Ryan      

                                             Galiano Island

We are grateful that we were able to share such beauty, your gorgeous home and great music wih our friends and family.

Line Marie's flower arrangements were so beautiful and everything simply perfect....
Thank you both for the magic touch of your help behind the scene.
The memory of our wedding day at Eagles Nest will be with us forever.                                                                   
                                                                         Anna and Dennis

Dear Line Marie and Bernard

Merci beaucoup !!! Thank you so much for your love, support and divine setting for our wedding.  Everything was parfait !  We loved it and had such a good time as did our guests.  It was a very precious moment  in our lives. 


Anna & James​​

                                                                           ​   Australia

Thank you so much for sharing your magical wedding spot. It is surely among the most beautiful on the West Coast.

Many of our guests commented that ours was the most beautiful wedding that they had ever attended
Your bouquets, corsages and center pieces were fit for king and queen and your hospitality most gracious.
                                            Bing Bing and Zeuss Cochrane

                                                Canada and China

We looked for 3 years to find our perfect wedding venue. On my initial visit I was so happy to find Eagles Nest that, on my request, my husband flew to Montague Harbour to join me.  We had finally found our venue...

Our wedding was the one of our dreams and we could not have found a more beautiful place than your cabin to spend our first night as husband and wife.

Thank you so much for your warmth and kindness,

                                                              Stacey & Sasha


We warmly thank all those who have been adventurous enough to travel to our beautiful island to tie the knot...

We thoroughly enjoyed helping you as well as your friends and family live this precious  experience.  

It was truly a pleasure to share our corner of paradise with you.

We wish you many years of happiness,

                                                  Line Marie and Bernard

                                                          Eagles Nest Retreat

                                                         Galiano Island

Intimate Island Wedding